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TAMESUR, S.A. was founded on 1.990 the concurrence of 18 partners, contributing with his economic resources and more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture, commercialization of conveyors and other products.

Tamesur began his activity making products orientated to the sector of the olive grove: conveyor belts, bucket and slat elevators, screw and belt conveyors … sector where it was recognized by the quality of his products from the first moment.

The first 2 years of activity developed in industrial ships in regime of rent until in 1992 constitutes the first phase in the Industrial estate “San Pancracio” composed of two ships. Later in 1997 a new extension is realized by a third ship and in 1998 it finishes with an annexe and the urbanization of the rest of the plot.

Nowadays Tamesur possesses more than 9.000 square meters for the accomplishment of his activity.

The provision of the most modern means of study, calculation and design in our technical office and continuous investment in the latest machinery has allowed yearly increase our production capacity, as well as the expansion of the template with the incorporation and formation of professionals young and ready.

All of the above is supported by the implementation of our machines in the great majority of Spanish olive-oil mills and, in collaboration with other companies and distributors, our products are represented in other facilities in Europe, North Africa and America.


Pol. Industrial San Pancracio,
Parc. 36 a 38
14500 Puente Genil (Córdoba).

TFNO 957 60 60 60
FAX 957 60 46 35